To all those who wish to strengthen their vertical and authoritarian power they exercise only to serve socially and culturally conservative and reactionary interests, to all spokespersons trying to discredit dissident voices: 
Do not forget you are dealing with a crowd of ultra-precarized art agents who have nothing more to lose and who, moreover, have no hope on the art world you are building for yourselves.

Let’s vow to see this art world perish for good. In order to accelerate its collapse, we encourage everyone to take a stand against everything that allows them to persist. Against all these useless exhibitions that continue to narrate the aesthetic experience of the world by the conservative Western bourgeoisie. Let’s truly confront the neo-colonialism, the structural racism and sexism of contemporary art. Let’s remove all those in power who continue to ratify this structural violence. Let’s abolish the free work and precariousness of art agents. Let’s fight the “artwashing” and the institutionalization of struggles for emancipation without concrete commitments in this regard.

Let’s take the field with other ideas and foster political cleavages in cultural fields. Let’s push for more horizontality in the artistic fields. Let’s advocate for effective parity and diversity in the arts sector, as well as for the establishment of a basic income for art workers. Let’s encourage an unconditional return of works of art to the former colonies of Western countries. Let’s examine the ecological cost of the world of culture. Let’s condemn corporate philanthropist for embezzling public money.

In order to achieve these goals, let’s be offensive! Let’s hinder the power structures of art, let’s condemn their shameful and obsolete practices! Let’s reduce the violence they are inflicting on us by opposing them the practice of self-defence! Let’s boycott, attack these places that are only building cultural representations from a conservative perspective!